Soy Wax Melts

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Our wax melts  come in clamshell molds with six blocks of soy wax in your chosen scent from the many odd ones we offer. ;) They are a great option if you live in a place where you can't have an open flame/burn anything!

These (along with our candles) are made to order and normally all of the scents below (all the scents we have in stock for candles) are available but if the candle is sold out that means we are missing a fragrance oil for that candle and can't make the wax melt right away either so your order might take a bit longer.

Put the scent/option you want in the box above!

Running Out of Apples // apples & roses
Fusing Demons // patchouli, myrrh and musk
Wishing Star // floral field
Repression // earthen oak, sandalwood and clove
Puckish Rogue // musk & cherry blossom
Fallen Giants // firewood, musk and pine
Winky-face! // sea salt and bubblegum
Wanna Hear A Joke? // oakmoss and beachwood
Total Mayhem // eucalyptus, firewood, a hint of burnt rubber
Dog Prints // butterscotch and a bit of apple streusel
Bring Me Another! // earthen oak and beer
Spirit's Eve // apples, spices, violet, geranium & sandalwood
Pottsfield // pumpkin spice, apples and clove
Toy Tinkers // orange peel, clove and cinnamon
Snowdin // crisp air and apple streusel
North of the Wall // balsam fir and birch
Festival of Ice // pine, vanilla and peppermint
Pick Pick Boom // fresh cut grass and gunpowder
The Midnight Society // campfire and sandalwood
Perfect Balance // eucalyptus, white tea and ginger
Patchulu // patchouli and a hint of citrus and clove
Flower Dance // peony with a hint of dianthus & citrus
Guardian Angel // clean linen with a floral hint
Luau // a top note of orange with peach, coconut, and vanilla
Starlight // ozone, salt and the crisp open sky
Hollywood // rich, buttery popcorn
Primal Rage // peanut butter cookies and banana nut bread
Room For One More // teakwood, leather, amber, and a hint of fresh soil
The Springtide // hyacinth with a touch of pomegranate
Nook's Cranny // a fresh stack of money along with touches of ginger and bamboo
Vine Whip // an earthy scent with heavy woodsy and grassy notes
Little Wonders // bergamot, tobacco leaves, sandalwood, clove and hints of sea moss/seaweed
The Roost // fresh coffee with hints of pastries, roasted nuts and maple
Rookie's Time // lemon pound cake with a hint of Japanese cherry blossoms and jasmine
The Third Way // sunscreen with a hint of pipe tobacco
3 Wheat // freshly baked bread with a hint of the woods
Twice the Taste // Fruity Pebbles and Cola
Dragonstrike // jasmine, vetiver, and honeysuckle
Dragonblade // greenery notes with ylang ylang, lavender, and honeysuckle
The Dreaming // oakmoss and an Autumn walk after a fresh rainstorm
Faithful Companion // corn chips
By the Nine Divines // apple with a bit of effervescence
Harfest // chai tea and pumpkin gingerbread
Agent Hamill // birch, patchouli, and tonka
Agent Ford // hot apple pie and leather
Ember // smoky cedarwood with a touch of red hot cinnamon
Despair // beach wood, oakmoss, oak wood, and ylang-ylang
Dodo Airlines // mint and chamomile, with underlying hints of grass and oakmoss
Cloudbusting // eucalyptus and mint
Judgment // sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, and a hint of clove
Kurouzu-cho // cedarwood, musk, and the slightest hint of smoke
The Cask of Amontillado // grapes with a hint of birch
The Tell-Tale Heart // cedarwood and roses
The Pit & the Pendulum // patchouli, violet, and tonka.
The Premature Burial // garden dirt and earthen oak
Psycho // teakwood, leather, cedar, and money