Resin Necklace - Purple w/ Gold Chroma Halo

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Experimenting with resin and color are two extremely interesting things to do and these pendants, titled Chroma Halos here at Waxing Sky, are the product of those experiments!

This Chroma Halo is a lovely purple shade with a cloud of gold running throughout the pendant.

Each pendant is about 1 3/4" diameter and has two options for attachments. It can also come without attachments -- just the Chroma Halo alone! You can see photos of the attachment options in the last two photos.

OPTION 1: Attached Bail -- a bail will be attached to the back of the pendant with a ribbon strung though it. This is a good option if you know you won't be wearing the pendant both ways (some have different colors/designs on the back, thanks to the way some of them are made).

OPTION 2: Attached Ribbon -- the ribbon is attached straight to the pendant, strung through in a way that makes either side wearable/showable. This would be the better option if you like the designs on the front AND back and want to have a choice on which way to wear it.

OPTION 3: No attachment -- you would just be getting the Chroma Halo itself in your package and can attach it to whatever/however you want!

Ribbon choices right now are white and black, but we will be adding more colors soon. Please leave a note on your order which color you want -- if no note is left, black is the default choice. The ribbon will be long enough to pull over your head and can be retied to be smaller if you choose!

NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of these necklaces, there could be slight imperfections here and there. The pendant you see in the first photos is the exact one you would be receiving so you can see them already in the photos.