Altered Art - Homage to Edgar Allan Poe - wearable skull mask

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Another in a series of one-of-a-kind creations from the dark cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain. Creation date: April 3, 2016. This dark & lovely one of a kind item was created as a small token of my admiration for the great writer, Edgar A. Poe. Said item is a dimensional skull mask that can be worn if one felt the need. As you can see by the pictures it offers a piece of sturdy elastic to hold securely to the head. The eyes and nose have a mesh cover for easy viewing, complete with foam for a comfy fit.

The mask has been adorned with the following: acrylic paint, mod podge, rusty heart, EAP brad, tissue papers, metal skull and crossbones, inks, tapes, various papers, and a paper flower. Please note that this lovely decoration can take up precious space on any wall (preferably in your home) or used as a mask. It would make a lovely addition to any home if you appreciate the works of Poe or the eclectic side of life.