4 oz. Tin Candle - test scents

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At one point this past year, we were testing new scents we received and made a whole bunch of 4 oz. tin candles. We wanted to see how they worked/mixed with dye/all that jazz! And now here they are!

We will possibly be using these scents in future candles so if you get one of these and like them, keep an eye out! ;)


Dill Pickle
Green Apple
Cucumber Melon
Pumpkin Gingerbread
Lemon Lavender
Lemon Pound Cake
Coffee House (This is a mix of scents that is now The Roost candle!)
Stargazer Lily
Autumn Night
Rainforest Bungalow
Ginger Peach
Weathered Apple (This is a mix of scents that is now the Agent Ford candle!)
Cotton Candy
Smoked Suede