Yule Holiday / Winter / Christmas Glass Ball

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Roughly 4½"  in size, this is a perfect decoration for the holidays -- to look at and to smell! There is a holiday winter berry smell that surrounds this big glass ornament and includes cinnamon sticks, balsam bits that fill the bottom, dried leaves, and berries as well as some bits of potpourri. A white and red string reminiscent of candy canes is strung through the hole (it's quite long and can be shortened if needed) and a small gold light bulb charm hangs into the opening. There are also four bells and a small green present!

This item will be sent with the terrarium ball/string packaged empty (full of packing peanuts but empty of the filling!) and the contents in a plastic bag along with it. That way everything won't fall out in transit and then you can settle things in there however you wish! :)