Heather the Handmade Earth Witch Doll

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~ Heather - Earth Witch ~

The second of its kind from the laboratory. Hopefully, there will be many more to follow, lots and lots of Minions!!

Meet Heather - Green-eyed lady! She is a nature witch and feels most comfortable around nature, forest, gardens, animals, and herbs. She measures an imposing 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide (finger to finger). She was constructed of muslin material and stuffed with love and polyester fiberfill. She was carefully aged with various ingredients such as coffee. She is wearing a cotton blend dress in shades of blues and black (it reminds her of the ocean, which she also adores). Collar made of black cord ribbon.

Her hair is red/black made of yarn, sports an acorn hat (squirrels gave it up), 2 shades of green eye buttons, and embroidery floss nose and mouth.

If you lift up her dress (?) you will note her big heart for nature and a cheesecloth bandage on her leg (she is okay - just a mere scratch). A thorn from a rose bush...

To complete this item you will find a small bag filled with Aventurine and Peridot crystals (mini) with a hint of sage. Her broom is constructed of Harry Lauder's Walking stick (corkscrew hazel), raffia, ink, dried purple flowers that smell heavenly, fish vertebrae, rusty bell, blue-eyed quartzite, beads, etc.

She is signed and dated.