Essential Oil Roll-On Perfumes Infused w/ flora & crystals - Rose, Peppermint, Lemon or Lavender

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Choose one or more essential oil roll perfumes (containing essential oil, apricot carrier oil and a different plant and crystal for each) -- all with their own positive attributes that will help you throughout the day.

Peppermint (w/ mint leaves & aventurine crystals) -- peppermint essential oil is helpful for headaches and muscle aches, while aventurine also helps with easing migraines

Rose (w/ rosebuds & garnet crystals) -- rose essential oil assists in fighting depression and relieves anxiety, while garnet is believed to increase metabolism

Lemon (w/ lemon peel & citrine crystals) -- lemon essential oil aids in calming anxiety and nourishes your skin (as well as giving you a general citrus scented pick-me-up!), while citrine is good for helping to keep skin, nails and hair healthy

Lavender (w/ lavender & amethyst) -- lavender essential oil is helpful for relaxation/calming and sleep aid, while amethyst also assist in sleep and mood support

Individual bottles are $4.00 each or a box of 4 (choose your scents) is $12.00. We also create other scents-just drop us a note and let us know what you would like! Thanks for dropping by!