Assorted Halloween/Spooky Decorative Soaps -- Skulls, Brains, etc.!

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Whenever we have extra soap from bigger bars we like to fill little decorative molds (or in the case of the skull / pumpkins options, we were having fun with mica colorants!) -- so this is an assortment of them to choose from! Descriptions of each type can be found below! :D

The sets of 4 skulls (white & off-white) and the set of 3 skulls (red) are simple decorative soaps that are a full skull shape.

The set of 6 skulls have flat backs and a patchouli scent (with a hint of rose).

The brain soaps in the sets of 3 brains are pink and pretty hefty w/ no scent.

The sets of skulls and pumpkins are purple/green/orange and you can see small mica spots in some soaps, but nothing major. 

The weird random set of two pumpkins, a half orange/half white skull and a half of brain are basically all the leftovers that could be used as soap or decoration or just for people who like to give homes to the odd little off-pieces in sets that don't fit right. ;)