Altered Art - Specimen #81 - Mummified Woodland Fairy

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For your consideration, Willow - Mummified Woodland Fairie Specimen #81.

This one-of-a-kind decor measures about 7 inches tall x 15 inches around (wood base) x about 5 inches deep. It is constructed of a glass dome and a black wooden type base. Inside rests the skeletal/mummified remains of Willow, the fae. She was found in the back of a beautiful garden at an old castle in England. She still has beautiful red Tibetan wool hair, what's left of a gauze type skirt, and wings. She rests on a bed of green and purple mosses. Lying to her left is a very old book, covered in fairy dust. In her right hand, she holds an acorn top (sometimes known as a squirrel's beret) containing a little glass bottle with a cork top. As far as we can surmise the contents are Rose Quartz (further testing will be done).

This dark & lovely decoration can take up precious space on any flat surface (preferably in your haunted abode) & would make a lovely addition to any home if you appreciate the eclectic side of life!