Altered Art - Homage to Charles Addams / Addams Family Wall Decor

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Another is the series of creations from the dark cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain. For any of you ancient types that remember the original (AWESOME) Addams Family (well after the awesome work done by Addams to create said) TV show...

For your consideration, an homage to Charles Addams and his wonderful cartoon (60's TV series) The Addams Family.

This one-of-a-kind wall decor measures about 11 inches x 5 1/2 inches x 1 inches and is constructed of wood. It has been painted with a lovely shade of noir acrylic paint and embellished with the following dark and spooky items: wooden spiderweb, man-eating plant, silver frame, Charles Addams photo, black and orange yarn with rusty (YOU RANG) bell, old books, Thing (skeletal hand), Morticia (from original card game), 2 skulls, eyeball, cat eyeball, rib cage axe, meat cleaver, knives, bat wings in a bottle, green newt potion, beaker, civil war bullet, cheesecloth, plastic spider, cobweb, glue, inks, wire, Spirits of Nightshade sticker, spooky, scream and creepy ephemera, pumpkin, muslin, flower, pumpkin stem, bat earring, cat cardstock, ephemera, bone, tree branch, Pugsly and Wednesday card from original Addams Family card game (60's).

This dark & lovely decoration can take up precious space on a wall (preferably in your haunted abode) & would make a lovely addition to any home if you appreciate the eclectic side of life!