Altered Art - Grave Remains / Queen Bee

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The 299th in a series of OOAK "aLterED" creations from the dArK cobwebbed filled hemisphere of my brain.

For your consideration, Queen Bee in a box!

This little wooden box measures 5 x 5 x 2 3\/4 inches and is painted black. The lid is decorated with lilac and sage green ribbon, two playing cards, inks, jewels, a "B" brad, and two letter "E"s.

On the inside of the box, you will find her majesty, Queen Bee, herself. She measures 5 3/4 inches tall and her bones are made of "aged" plastic. Bee is wearing a blue/green dress with a cheesecloth shawl. Around her neck is a strand of pearls and her head sports a crown of silver and black stones. To her right hanging on the wall is a copper-colored metal frame and within the frame is one of her most prized bees. Completing this creation are the following items: gold-colored urn with purple flowers and an ink-stained card with a jester riding a bee. This dark & delicious item can take up precious space on any flat surface (preferably in your home) & would make a lovely addition to any home if you appreciate the eclectic side of life!