Our Studios

Between the two of us we have a number of different projects and have kept them under different names for a good amount of time. Each one sort of became their own thing and we thought bringing them all under one umbrella would be a good thing to do! We wanted to keep them separated by type, in a way, so we kept them under their different names -- herding them all under the Waxing Sky Studios brand we created together! Here's a page on each studio/project and what you'll find in them.


  SAUVAGE RAVEN CREATIONS: Deborah's home of the macabre and one of a kind. In her own words: "If your looking for OOAK (One of a Kind) Curious Goods, anything otherworldly, strange, unusual, off the beaten path, eclectic, well you've come to the right place."


  AROMAPARODY: Heather's collection of fandom-inspired soy candles! Every hand-poured soy candle that is part of AP has been carefully mixed with the right amount of dye and scent -- and is made with love and a touch of that familiar excitement you feel when you play your favorite game, watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book. Sort of like you're coming home. ;)



  NEON SHORES: Anything Heather creates that isn't a candle goes under Neon Shores -- which is the name of her creative website! She dabbles in jewelry-making, resin, photography, accessories and sewing -- so you could see one or more of those things in the projects under the NS name!


  WAXING SKY ORIGINALS: The place where both Deborah and Heather bring their creative forces together and come up with any and every type of madness! ;)