Fireside Yule Log Lantern

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A good item for if you want the festive cheer of a holiday-decorated fireplace but don't have the space or want to deal with the smoke of an actual fire! This little lantern takes 2 C batteries (not included, although the try me button from the original lantern has been reattached for now!) and can sit beautifully on a desktop or table.

There's an on/off switch as well as a timer option (6 hours) and it measures 6¼" wide, 5½" depth, and 10" high -- not counting the bits of faux greenery and berries that make it a little higher and wider! Attached and wrapped around the top of the lantern (and holding all the holiday cheer on top) is a glittery red and white striped ribbon that sparkles beautifully in the light of the lantern.