The Intuitive Eye Relaxing energy Amethyst Crystals Lavender Sage Rosemary Witch Bottle

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The first of many Witch Bottles to come! This lovely little bottle contains all the things to sooth and protect. Glass bottle measures about 5 inches. Embellishments that adorn the outside of said bottle are various colored yarns, purple ribbon, purple flower and metal charm.

Listed below are the ingredients added to create this aromatic jar corked until you release the magic!

Dried Lavender, dried Sage, dried Rosemary, various dried flower petals and mini Amethyst crystals.

Lavender helps one relax and sleep, offers protection and helps with wishes.

Sage offers protection and helps with wishes.

Rosemary offers protection, love and healing.

Amethyst helps balance the mind a helps with sleep and relaxation.

Open your bottle, release the magic!

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