Autumn inspired candle holder w/ herbs, crystals & flowers

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Since I am a little tired of the 90+ degree days and always look forward to Autumn, I was inspired to create this piece! I love the scents, the crispness, the beauty of fall and all it has to offer. Therefore...
For your perusal, an OOAK glass candle holder (tea light-battery operated included) in the color orange. It measures 2 3/4 inches in height x 2 1/2 inches across at the top. This glass jar has been upcycled with mod podge and a mixture of food coloring to create this beautiful shade of pumpkin. You will receive the wondrous natural ingredients in a separate bag for you to add yourself. This will avoid ingredients spilling all over the box shipped in and also contain the seasonal scent emitted. Speaking of, this is the list of ingredients: Citrine crystals, Quartz crystals, Lavender, Mint, Daisy petals, Tea, Lily, and Rosemary. The final ingredient to make all of this come together is Harvest Gathering fragrance oil which smells of cinnamon, apples, and clove.
Please note: do not use a real candle or wash this item. Ingredients to create the color will more than likely deteriorate from heat or washing.