Altered Art - Black Cat Apothecary Halloween Decor

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The latest from the lab... The Black Cat Apothecary is for sale. Druggist White has been doling out deadly prescriptions for years. Slide him a few $$$$$ under the table and he will prescribe whatever deadly concoction you want to administer!! SHAME ON YOU!

You will receive a police (skull) taped coffin (apothecary storefront) with the following items: numerous cardstock items pertaining to prescription, poison, toxique, external use, Druggist White's placard, rest your bones, black widow spider, surely cured and orange-tinged background. Also included are the following: moss, skull, mini skull, bone, pumpkin button, arm/hand bones, green eyeball, beware glass bottle with "green fluid," cobalt glass blue bottle with cork, clear glass bottle with "ingredients" and cork, fall leaf and faux pumpkins.

This little offering would love to decorate your abode for Halloween OR the rest of the year!